RSS feed for 60 RSS feed for RSS feed for Artistic / Beaches 2010 Some pictures taken on beaches here and there, then reshaped and retouched to give this high level of contrast as well as a depth due to the accentuation. Artistic / Correze 2010 A gallery featuring some pictures of Correze region, center France, all resized in a square shape. The contrast adds some dramatic on these images. Flowers / Orchids 2010 A gallery dedicated to orchids, rich of colors and shapes. Orchidaceae, commonly referred to as the Orchid family, is a morphologically diverse and widespread family of monocots. It is currently believed to be the second largest family of flowering plants, with between 21,950 and 26,049 currently accepted species. The great majority are to be found in the tropics, mostly Asia, South America and Central America, but they are also found above the Arctic Circle, in southern Patagonia. These presented are from south east Asia. Travel / South Korea 2010 Trip in Seoul, South Korea. Five palaces witness the past of the city that has been hitten by fires several times. The palaces, whose first has been build during the 15th century, have been rebuild and remain empty now. The main landmark is the Namsan tower erected at the top of the mountain. The city is split into two part by the river and Yeouido island is home to the National Assembly, major broadcasting studios, and a number of large office buildings. Black & White / miscellaneous 2010 Black and white photographies always add an impact on the eyes, maybe due to the contrast of the picture. We easily recalls the output of the first film camera, and in a sense it brings a bit of nostalgy when staring at them. The ones presented below have been taken in color before desaturation. These are generally shots having strong contrast and that are suitable for such treatment. Architecture / Paris 2010 Paris is probably one of the most interesting and old city that is worth visiting. Apart from the well know Eiffel tower, or Sacre Coeur cathedral, the city is full of curiosities and ancient buildings plenty of charm. This makes Paris very unique. Along the Seine river, many small streets tell a story through the architecture inherated from the pas as well as modern art. This mixture come together with an atmosphere I could not find anywhere else. My Favourite 2010 A few of my favourite pictures! I will update soon with more. Travel / Indonesia 2010 With around 17000 islands, Indonesia is the biggest archipelago. Manado, in the extreme north of Sulawesi, is the perfect place to dive around Bunaken and Siladen islands. In the south, Ubud concentrates the traditional Indo fine art on Bali whereas Lombok, its sister island is a bit wilder, with its small roads along beaches where a motorcycle is the must to travel. It's difficult to give a complete overview since the country is huge, but here are some places :) Travel / Philippines 2010 Philippines are the second largest archipelago of the world. Palawan is the eastern island of Phils, the Bacuit archipelago encompasses probably one of the most beautiful limestones in the middle of the crystal clear sea. in the south of Manila, Boracay is famous for its huge white sand beach and brings there lots of tourists and locals. The tarsier, one of the smallest primate, ihabits Bohol, not far from the Chocolate hills. Phils abund of small islands where snorkeling is amazing: Balicasga and Panglao are so great for that! Travel / Thailand 2010 Thailand, or the land of thousand smiles. The gallery is a mixture of different trips over the country, covering the north with Chiang Mai and the tradition Thai art, Bangkok and the coutryside surrending the megapole so as floating markets. Koh Samet and Koh Chang are part of the islands of the Thailand gulf. Then getting to the south through Hua Hin, famous seaside town, and further down at Krabi and its beautiful islands spread over the crystal sea. Koh Samui and the little Koh NuangYuan on the other side of the Andaman coast are a must do!