About Me

Couple of year ago, I've been travelling in South East Asia. My first trip to Indonesia was the beginning of a long series of other trips around the region bringing a DSLR. It was a good opportunity to take different pictures and get more passionated. Then I eventually relocarted to pursue my career. Meeting people and discovering new coutries is definitely a source of inspiration that pushed me to explore several areas, and more especially landscapes. Archipelago often offer great views with islands ans sea. Although practicing photographies when I have time, I always bring my camera with me even for short trips. Portraits are also one of my predilection domain.

Today I start working with off-camera flash, willing to improve my skills in that rich area, playing with natural and articial light.

I started using Pentax equipment with a K10D along with a Sigma 17-70mm, a Pentax 31mm Limited and others. Later on I decided to move to Nikon with a D300 body equiped with a 16-85mm. The full frame sensors quality and good noise response pushed me to switch to a Nikon D700 which is the body I'm still currently using with a 24-70mm F2.8, a 85mm F1.8 and some accessories such as one SB900. The choise of full frame lenses has been made early in orderto fit with high level DSLR

The picutres presented here are voluntarely limited to small samples, chosen among many. These relfect some personnal and artisitc view. Any comemnt is more than welcome throught the contact form. Also slideshows are available as well as full screen views, which is highly recommended for those who would benefit from high resolution images.